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That's So Retrograde

Jul 18, 2019

Informed queen, Sophia Bush, is back for her third visit to TSR HQ. She brings along her post-birthday wisdom, an open heart and chats about being the co-founder of Detroit Blows, in this fun friendship- focused catch-up. Roses and Thorns explores the mindful world of rented clothing and Zac Efron. Q: is he for rent?...

Jul 12, 2019

Licensed Psychotherapist and gifted healer, Rachel Cole, LCSW, SEP - beams into the TSR HQ and educates on the benefits of two therapies we don’t know much about. What is Mercier Massage and why do we need it? Somatic healing? We wanna know more! Shaking and crying and grounding with joy as we learn strengthen our...

Jul 4, 2019

Cosmic mama and treasured So Retrograde guest, Ambi Kavanagh, is back to download us all with what to expect when we’re expecting major planetary shifts. It’s summer and it is eclipse season and retrogrades are everywhere. She gives insight on how to manage, what to look out for and how to deal - in this...

Jun 29, 2019

Coach, author and master seer, Lauren Zander of the Handel Group, is back at the So Retrograde HQ speaking on her concept of manifucking vs. manifesting and getting super real with Steph + Elizabeth about where they need to human better. It gets a little emotional, but hey... we’re here learning, with homework and...

Jun 20, 2019

It’s once again time for some podcast crossover magic with the hilarious beaut Jackie Johnson of Natch Beaut! She shares her master list of natural beauty recommendations for the summer months and the girls chime in with some fun discoveries of their own.

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