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That's So Retrograde

Aug 27, 2020

In part 2 of our discussion with DRK Beauty (@thisisdrkbeauty) founders Wilma Mae Basta and Danielle Jackson they speak to how brands can be authentically inclusive and dive into ‘DRK Beauty Healing’, the pro bono therapy arm of their platform.


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Aug 25, 2020

DRK Beauty (@thisisdrkbeauty) is a community-driven digital platform whose mission celebrates women of color by producing curated content that resonates with often-neglected communities as well as providing mental health resources through their initiative, DRK Beauty Healing. We kibitz with their founders in this Part...

Aug 21, 2020

Famed Beverly Hills dentist, Lumineux creator and co-founder, and author of The Toxic Overload, Dr. Maddahi, along with his business partner, Caroline, talk to us about effective natural dental care and the mouth microbiome. He answers a bunch of dental questions we have been banking to ask an expert. Roses +...

Aug 13, 2020

Elizabeth and Steph call on psychological astrologer Danielle Beinstein (@danibeinstein) for an emergency astro episode, deep diving into the current transits and WTF is going on up there!


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Aug 6, 2020

Minds blown as we time travel to a simpler moment, January 2020. In this re-release, we revisit our first episode of the year with numbers king, Remington Donovan, who dropped knowledge on the meaning of a 4 year aka 2020. We hope this journey down memory lane initiates and empowers you on in your healing and awakening...