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That's So Retrograde

Dec 8, 2015

TSR is in NEW YAWK! In between belting the Rent Soundtrack the TSR gals find time to get a dose of MNDFL (pronounced mindful)-ness from founders Ellie Burrows and Lodro Rinzler, who opened a meditation studio where they practice what they preach. We learn all about what it takes to get into a meditation practice, the different types of meditation, and get some pro-tips from the experts themselves. All roses in this pod today (except Elizabeth's carbo-coma and Stephanie's frustration with adults who behave like juveniles). PS: Check out our AWESOME Holiday DIY video ;) It's a treat for all those who want to get elevated. PPS: The girls will be bartending Bravo's Watch What Happens Live this week so keep your eyes peeled.