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That's So Retrograde

Apr 28, 2016

Cosmically aligned and ready for Retrograde season, the girls welcome back healer, actual goddess, and purveyor of astro-knoweldge, Alchemy with Ambi’s, Ambi Sitham - Ambi provides the most up to date celestial-forcast, illuminates the FIVE current and upcoming Retrogrades! (Because… it’s SO retrograde, guys) and conducts TSR’s first ever listener Q + A. Also, the girls remain fearful of the Beyhive (very MARS in Retrograde) and encourage everyone without small children to (re)visit their childlike wonder by way of Disneyland (get it...cuz of the ‘re’ in Retrogrades). Join them as they gather some astrological insight coupled with mantras on manifestation to bravely move forward into Retrograde season.