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That's So Retrograde

Nov 14, 2019

Gifted astrologer, Psychologist and Internet sensation, Debra Silverman, flies into TSR HQ to deliver the download on all things pertaining to our current astro climate. In a divinely timed 11/11 recording the cosmic gods brought her to us to go deep on this past Scorpio New Moon, this weeks Full Moon in Taurus, and the present energy of our friend, Mercury Retrograde (note: Steph is Scorpio, Elizabeth is Taurus and this show has Retrograde in the title!! wow.) It’s a special treat for all you Scorpions and Taureans and those who love them. Roses and Thorns comes in cute with movie recs and a shout out to doing the WORK, ala Handel Group and their Inner.U training.

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