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That's So Retrograde

Sep 7, 2016

Like any true soul seekers, Elizabeth and Stephanie have taken a psychedelic journey or two with the help of a magic mushroom - but as information seekers, they feel like they had never really gotten to know the mushrooms in their full capacity. Enter this week’s guest Tero - farmer, mushroom knowledisgt and founder of Four Sigmatic a revolutionary line of products that bring the wellness benefits of mushrooms into every day life: coffee, hot coco, smoothie mixes and more. In this episode, the girls go on a mushroom journey of the fact variety with Tero as he breaks down the health benefits from the key players in the mushroom kingdom - Also with the Retrograde in full effect the girls share their so retrograde re-flections on the week: travel nightmares (ah hem American Airlines), re-connecting with their roots and bachelor news… oh! and ps there is a fun re-ward in the form of a giveaway too!