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That's So Retrograde

Sep 30, 2017

TSR’s cosmic guide Ambi Kavanagh (of Alchemy with Ambi), makes her return to the show giving the lowdown on the latest astrological transit and answers some listener q's with an ASK AMBI segment. 1985 babies rejoice! as Scorpio is having a cosmic party in our favor, and Elizabeth and Steph are HERE. FOR. IT. Roses...

Sep 25, 2017

*Originally Posted: 3/10/17* In this special LIVE episode, Steph and Elizabeth welcome one of their guides, The Spiritual Owl who instructs us all on how to wrangle the power of a vision board by tapping into our true selves through the law of attraction. They're joined by guest musician and friend to the show Hale...

Sep 22, 2017

Welcome to Fall Retrograders! - a new mindfulness practice for a new season never hurt anybody. Thus, one of Stephanie and Elizabeth’s wisest advisors, The Spiritual Owl, joins the program to do just that-opening hearts and minds with a little homework on the side. #namastaylistening

Sep 22, 2017

It’s a bite sized bonus episode as Mikey Domitrovitch aka Edible Spirit, joins Elizabeth and Stephanie to hit us with some contemplations and rituals to mindfully welcome in the Fall Equinox with intention.

Sep 12, 2017

Fascia and body alignment expert, Lo Roxburgh, a.k.a the Body Whisperer joins Elizabeth and Stephanie for some body whispering wisdom, talking about the importance of tension release for a mind body connection and the time they rolled together… foam rolled. Later on, Roses and Thorns takes New York! as in Housewives...