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That's So Retrograde

Feb 27, 2020

Started from reality TV and now bringing wellness to our local drugstore. This week's guest Lo Bosworth (Laguna beach and The Hills) drops into TSR HQ to discuss her brand ‘Love Wellness’, an amazing collection of clean personal care products for women. 

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Feb 20, 2020

Teneshia J. Warner (@teneshiajwarner), author of The Big Stretch, joins TSR HQ for an insightful conversation on the power of having a dream and the steps it takes to make that dream a reality.
Roses and Thorns: Whole 30 tips part 2, tech rehab and streaming recs (per usual).


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Feb 13, 2020

Lauren Handel Zander (@laurenzander_coach) of the Handel Group (@handelgroup) brings her no-nonsense brand of life coaching expertise to the TSR table in this seasonal episode focusing on relationships;  from friendship to romance, we cover it all with the help of questions from our listeners. Roses and Thorns is a...

Feb 6, 2020

It’s a bouquet of roses as Elizabeth and Stephanie celebrate 5 years of That’s So Retrograde! Join them as they take a trip down memory lane featuring past episodes and behind the scenes anecdotes from the likes of: Marianne Williamson, Andy Cohen, the founders of Lord Jones, Sarah Silverman and more.
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